Chains are $10.00 UP TO 20".....                       


Hold the chain by the end rings and put it behind your neck. Drop the ends onto your shoulders. Open a pin, put the end of the pinback into the ring on your right shoulder then do the same with the ring on the left. Lock your pinback and center the "necklace"

if you want something you have to pray for it . Before I went to sleep, I mentioned that I've tried to wear my pin as a necklace but couldn't get the right look. I asked for guidance. On the third night of doing this, the idea came to me in a dream.

I was sound asleep and in my dream, a man handed me a pin and a chain and said,  "I want to buy these. Now, how do I show my wife how to wear them?" I watched myself show him the rings at the ends of the chain. I put the chain around my neck, dropped the ends on my shoulders, opened the pin, and pinned it into the two rings. At that point, I woke up, my heart was pounding.

I ran downstairs, went through my broken jewelry. I got out a chain, rings, and a collage pin, I put everything together and tried it out. It worked!!!
That's when I looked at my son Justin who was watching TV and said, 'Justin, I think I just had an epiphany!'

Goldtone (base metal)
Silvertone  (base metal)
Black (aluminum)
Bright Blue (aluminum)
Purple (aluminum)
Pink (aluminum)
Green (aluminum)

They're available in the following lengths:
(small) 15"
(medium) 16"
(large) 17"
(x-tra large) 18"
or special order sizes.....

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